Punjab: Person kept drowning in river in front of eyes, people kept making videos

A tragic incident occurred in the border village of Bahram Sher Singh Wala in Halka Guru Harsahai, where a man lost his life due to drowning in strong currents of water. The deceased, Jagdish Singh (41), son of Veer Singh, used to work as a bore worker. On Friday evening, while returning from work, he was caught in a strong current of water flowing on the road. Despite his efforts to avoid drowning, he was swept away by the strong current of Sutlej and lost his life.
What is even more distressing is that none of the people present at the scene tried to save him. Instead, most of them chose to make videos. This is a clear indication of the lack of empathy and humanity in our society. It is important to remember that in times of crisis, we must come together and help each other.
The government has provided financial assistance of Rs 4 lakh to the family of the deceased. While this may provide some relief to the family, it cannot compensate for the loss of a loved one. It is crucial that we take steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. This includes measures such as improving infrastructure, increasing awareness about safety measures, and promoting a culture of empathy and compassion. We must work together to create a safer and more humane society.

Updated: July 18, 2023 — 5:25 pm
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