Truck collided with trolley due to lack of brakes, driver-cleaner injured

In a recent incident, Harji Ram and Mangi Lal, residents of Barmer, Rajasthan, were traveling from Sriganganagar to Srinagar in a truck loaded with flour. While crossing the Dangarkheda bridge at approximately 2 pm, a car in front suddenly applied brakes, causing the trolley driver to also brake. However, the brakes of the truck failed to engage, resulting in damage to the front part of the vehicle and injuries to both individuals.
The exact cause of the brake failure is yet to be determined, and an investigation into the incident is likely underway. Brake failures can occur due to various reasons, including mechanical issues, faulty brake systems, or inadequate maintenance. It is crucial for vehicles, especially those involved in commercial transportation, to undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the safety of both the driver and the cargo.

Updated: August 3, 2023 — 11:43 am
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