400 feet long train had to be prepared for Shamshera

When making period films, directors face different challenges. Along with the set, many times those things have to be manufactured in case the things related to that era are not available. Releasing on July 22, Shamshera director Karan Malhotra’s film is set in the eighties of the 19th century. For filming an action scene in this film, Karan had to build the entire train of 400 feet. Regarding this, Karan says, ‘Everything in this film looked the same as the era in which the film is set. The action sequence has been shot on the train.

There were many challenges ahead, as it was not possible to get a train in the 19th century. For this, we made a train about 400 feet long. It took about a month to make this train. I had to do a big action sequence on the train and I wanted to do it in one take (without cuts) so that the audience would be throbbing after seeing it. The credit for successfully shooting this scene goes to Ranbir Kapoor. I remember after shooting I told him that he was born to do action films. Shamshera also stars Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor in pivotal roles along with Ranbir Kapoor.

Updated: July 24, 2022 — 7:33 pm

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